It’s Not Your Resume, It’s You!

You spend hours changing, editing and preparing your resume that will surely land you that dream job!  It is sent out through every job board, imported into your LinkedIn profile and scattered to the 4 corners of your geographic preference!  Then, after all that – NOTHING!  You are confused, baffled, angry and blame everyone else […]

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5 Traits of Success

[tweetmeme source=”alexputman”] I have spent many years interviewing candidates, teaching interview techniques and picking apart interviews.  Over the past few months, I really started breaking down the basics of what I look for when hiring someone.  Most jobs require a tangible skill set as it relates to a specific field (i.e. a C# software developer, will […]

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[tweetmeme source=”alexputman”] What choices have you made that impact your career?  I speak with people everyday that have decided to change direction 10+ years into their career.  This in itself is not bad, but most are not willing to make the “tough choice” of taking less money, less responsibility or a less prestigous title based on a new direction.  Choices […]

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Network Your Butt Off!

[tweetmeme source=”alexputman”] April 1999 – August 2005:  I was working for a great company and as the Talent Manager had spent 6.5 years building a 450+ person team!  Like any company we had ups and downs, but there were a lot more ups! September 2005:  With great remorse, I resigned. October 2005:  The great company, […]

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Change Worth Video Chatting About!

[tweetmeme source=”alexputman”] I recently heard the following comment about “improving” customer interaction and relationships “well it has worked for 25+ years, it should work the same way today. ” “Why change it?”  This got me to thinking, some things may work the same as 25 years ago (toilets, sinks and other household items) but what about communication and interaction with […]

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Crazy HR Story: Can I Borrow $20?

[tweetmeme source=”alexputman”] Several years ago a sales friend was talking to a new client about placing contract employees.  The hiring manager began discussing his experiences with contract employees and told one crazy story.  It seems that he hired a contract employee in the normal fashion.  During the 2nd week of employment the contractor requested to borrow […]

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