HR Under the Influence

I had the pleasure of attending the SHRM 2012 conference on Sunday night and all day Monday!  Many of the key Human Resource influencers were out and about with the clicking keyboards of bloggers and tweeters under the city night lights and rings, vibrates and glows of smartphones!  It was a great time of learning and having fun; what a combination!

So, what was so special about a national based HR conference in Atlanta?

The mayor of Atlanta, @kasimreed kicked off the keynote with a great discussion on HR and Atlanta!  I heard author Malcolm Gladwell speak about generational differences.  Although I highly suspect many of our personal ideologies differ, I took away a wealth of knowledge and now see the gens through a different lens.  Isn’t that what HR is about, promoting diverse thoughts and finding a common ground we can appreciate?

Next, I connected with people all over the world, many that will assist in my real job and become great friends, peers and colleagues.  Thanks to the influence of social media (which many think HR is behind on the times however I would argue differently), I met @socialtalent, who is a rockstar from Dublin, Ireland and offered many key insights into assisting in work I am doing there….only at a conference like this one!

I heard many great speakers, but there were two whose message resonated to me; @vlastelica @ryanestis.  Both spoke with passion and expertise regarding new media within HR.  If you still think HR is behind on social media, listen to these guys and think again!  I am really looking forward to the Twitter like platform for performance reviews mentioned…can’t wait to provide performance reviews in 140 characters or less on a regular basis vs. an annual form similar to a tax return….and yes, I first learned of this upcoming technology at the conference!

I really loved the Hive, which was set up by SHRM National and an epicenter for all things social media.  The list of experts is way to long to list in the post, but let’s say they came from all over the world and many are the true influencers of all things HR and Social Media related.  Great job to SHRM’s Social Media guru @shrmsocmedguy

Next year, SHRM 2013 will be in Chicago!  I highly reccomend that every HR professional pack your finest mom/dad jeans, break out your best dance moves (to Sir Mix A Lot) and prepare for some rooftop dancing with innovators of HR!  And yes, that really happened…..

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