Unexpected Learning

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Day 2 of the SHRM-Atlanta 2012 conference had a lot to live up to!  Want to know if it did; in my opinion – YES!

Another great series of tracks, but today I had the opportunity to network with some of the best HR practitioners in Atlanta.  Many times what you learn and the information you gain does not come from the sessions but rather from sitting around a table, breaking bread (in my case BACON) and brainstorming!  During the 7:00 a.m. (yes, you read that correctly) breakfast network we had  an eclectic group discussing Facebook.  The more junior member was not on Facebook and the senior members were some of the more active users!

During our bacon indulgence we discussed how Facebook (and social media in general) can be utilized by an aging workforce and serve as a tool to build relational gaps between the baby boomers and the newly entering workforce.  Not sure if it was the bacon talking, but we walked away with an idea for a mentoring program, potentially based on Facebook as the communication tool.

Upon solving this dilemma some of the social media team made their rounds to several vendors with camera in hand, to capture on video how the conference was working for them!  Highlights includes:

The ladies at Hard Rock were awesome and totally rocking it:  video
AppVault has a cool mobile application “Got Mobile?”:  video
Indeed.com has a great product that everyone can use:  video

I had the opportunity to present “The Future of Talent Acquisition” to a large group!  Several times during the conversation, people were suggesting mobile apps and even passing around an iPad to view the suggested apps!  Lots of interaction, learning and FUN!!  It’s not about leading a track, it was about learning together!!

It’s hard to summarize day 2, but if I have too I would say; “it was learning new things, from people you may not expect in a causal setting without any ulterior motives”!

Great job SHRM-Atlanta!!

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