Don’t Judge a Track by It’s Title

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We have all attended conferences in our respective fields and many times the “catchy” titles fail to deliver and the tracks that are “appropriatley titled” are “just what we expected, i.e. same ole, same ole”!  NOT TODAY and NOT at the SHRM-Atlanta HR conference!!  The first day was a huge success, with several tracks and events really stood out including:

“Creating a Sustainable Inclusion & Diversity Strategy” – Stace Millender (Cisco)
“Behavioral Interviewing” – Tom Darrow (TalentConnections)

On the surface I was thinking, ok, I have heard these before, but let’s go in and “freshen up”!  Each speaker brought the topics to life and delivered a message that was informative, outside the box and entertaining.  For example, I did not realize that technology could play such a major role in diversity and inclusion.  Did you know that Cisco offers a free mobile app (Cultural Advisor) that provides customized information to bridge communication and work style differences to global counterparts.

Also, former 2x SHRM-Atlanta President Tom Darrow, delivered his message in a style that very few can pull off!  He took a topic that has been driven home at every HR conference on the planet and made the 60 minutes seem like 60 seconds!  “Interviewing is not an art or a science, it’s insanity” was one statement that rings true with so many of us.  He provided several interactive opportunities and reinforced the significance and importance of behavioral based interviewing!

A few other notable (and unexpected suprises) for the day included:

I am excited for tomorrow and seeing what the SHRM-Atlanta HR conference has in store!  If you are unable to attend, follow the events Twitter stream at #shrmatl12 hashtag and look for post on our Facebook page (NOT to be confused with THE FACEBOOK)!  Special thanks to some of the top tweets of the day from:

@keppie_careers          @havrilla
@SarahHathornm        @teelajackson
@jackwbruce                  @alfieadona
@mikehaberman           @tpagirl

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