9 Reasons to Blog!

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In October I presented at the 2011 SHRM-Atlanta Annual conference on the topic of blogging.  The biggest question; Why Blog?  There are several reasons to blog and below is a list of benefits to being a blogger.

  1. Engagement (being part of a conversation & dialogue via comments)
  2. Tool to develop discussion around key topics/products
  3. Marketing tool for your thoughts in real-time
  4. Content Management System  (store all your thoughts/photos/videos in one place)
  5. Stay ahead of competition (those non-bloggers)
  6. Easy to share information in a one stop shop
  7. Develop and build long-term social relationships
  8. Generate Media & PR
  9. Connect with experts in specific fields

If you would like to check out my presentation, check out the highlights broken down into 4 minutes.  If you are thinking of blogging, hopefully the reason above will be enough for you to take the plunge!

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