Network Your Butt Off!

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April 1999 – August 2005:  I was working for a great company and as the Talent Manager had spent 6.5 years building a 450+ person team!  Like any company we had ups and downs, but there were a lot more ups!

September 2005:  With great remorse, I resigned.

October 2005:  The great company, were I grew, learned, laughed and played (a lot!) announced their closure…many saw it coming, many did not.

This was the same month I decided to organize and manage my massive network and never reach a point in my life where I was dependant on an unknown hiring manager with only a piece of paper and one hour to decide if I may be “a fit” for their job.

Networking is an absolute MUST for any aspect of your life!  Networks are like your butts, everyone has one; some are larger and some are smaller, but we all have one!

October 2005:  Searching for a tool besides Outlook to manage my network, I stumble upon something that I think will be useful in staying connected; LinkedIn.

March 2011 – October 2011:  Time for a new challenge!  Begin a confidential job search…

Since March, I spent several months searching for a job through traditional methods….apply with a piece of paper and let someone I don’t know decide my fate.

October 18, 2011:  Campaign specific people in my network for leads on new jobs
October 20, 2011:  Interview with potential new employer
October 21, 2011:  Receive offer for new gig!

It’s never to late to begin growing your network.  It takes time, effort and lots of work.  Connect and network with great people and always be willing to help others.  Remember, networks are like butts, and in the immortal words of Sir Mix A Lot, “I Like Big Butts and I Can Not Lie”!!

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