Blog With a Purpose!

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So you have decided to be a blogger, but one huge question is hanging out there….where do I start?  You should consider three things before starting your blog.

  1. What is your overall social media strategy and how does a blog platform fit into it.
  2. What is your blog strategy?  It should consist of; messaging, information and positioning
  3. Goals and objectives

The first thing anyone should do when designing something new is develop your strategy.  Your blog strategy should consist of the following six components;

Appealing message
Does your message have a large enough appeal?  Is the topic of your blog one of interest.  Don’t worry about numbers/visits at this point.  A small, engaged following can be better than thousands of views.  Point is make sure your message appeals to your targets.

Target audience
Who are you trying to reach?  Why are you trying to reach this group?  What is the benefit to your social strategy for engaging this group of people.

Provide a value
Why would someone read/subscribe to your blog?  What are the benefits of readership?  Anytime I visit a site it is with a purpose….learn something!

Communicate important information
Informative and “how to” blogs are the most read, be sure your audience can learn something for your blog.  If you are blogging about “why someone should use Facebook”, good luck!  Now if you were blogging about using Facebook as a sourcing tool for new business….better!

Engaging conversation
Blog are designed to be conversational and in a conversation, two people speak.  Ensure that people can comment and engage in dialogue.  If you receive “negative” feedback, address it vs. delete.  We all don’t agree in life and it will not happen on your blog!

Cross pollination
Is your goal to drive traffic to other social platforms?  This is normal and a blog is a great way to engage people across platforms, visually via video or pictures or written words!  Make it work for your strategy!

Remember your blog will become your brand, whether you are a consumer good or a person building an on-line reputation.  Ensure your strategy drives to quality!!

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