LinkedIn Has A New Profile Layout!

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Logged into LinkedIn tonight and guess what I found…a new layout!  Back in 2009 they tested a new layout that went over pretty well (remember the picture on the right side).  A lot is changing at LinkedIn, especially since May, and looks like they are gearing up cosmetically….or is it just cosmetics?

Upon a quick review there were several things that jump out, but initially it is the layout!  Here is a quick recap of what I noticed;


  1. Much cleaner look to the site, has an Apple….esque feel, love the clean lines and appearance gives the impression of an easier to read site.
  2. Changes are slight, so does not jump out, but sensible and well placed for additional technical features.
  3. Share button in the top right makes it easy to share profiles, as I was always forgetting where the “share” / “forward” button was located (in the bottom left…keep reading).


  1. Share button in two locations; I like it on the top right, but bottom left is redundant and could have been used for something else (which may be coming).
  2. I would like to see a “help” or “view as application/resume”  button to view your profile as a resume to coincide with the latest “apply now” button.  How will your profile look when someone applies for a position (currently if mine is printed it is 11+ pages due to 30+ references)?

Overall the changes are slight, but I believe we will see more additions as LinkedIn is setting up to be the go to of job search vs. strictly business networking (not to mention that little IPO thing)!  My guess is the cosmetic changes will be the first step to additional technical applications.  My prediction; look for new features over the next weeks and months!

Check out the new LinkedIn profile  You may need to click “view full profile” to see the changes.  Also, if you are unable to view, they may have only rolled out to select users.  You can find a screen shot HERE

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