Social T-Rex™: Trait #2 – Be Bold

What does it mean to “Be Bold”?  What does this have to do with branding yourself via social networks?  Being bold is all about taking the chance and putting yourself out there.  With so many “new frontiers” in social networking and social media it can be difficult to decide where to invest the most time.  Maybe this will help;

1.  Facebook:  200 million users and at least 100 million of these people visit one time per day.

2.  LinkedIn:  36 million members and adding 1 new member PER SECOND!

3.  Twitter:  10-11 million visitors in early 2009 and estimates show growth rates of +700%.  “Tweets” are considered more mobile than other groups, so works well “on the go”.

4.  Blogs:  At the moment of typing, ~760,000+ blogs were written worldwide today!  Various statistics show there are between 35 million to 50 million blogs worldwide!

5.  YouTube:  43% market share and 6 billion videos viewed in January 2009. Want to be seen & heard, put it on YouTube (plug, Social T-Rex™ TV on YouTube coming soon!)

6.  Homepage:  I have not found many solid stats, but trust me there are TONS of web pages on the internet.  Creating your own personal web page is really simple these days, if you can utilize Word, you can create one.

So go, Be Bold and Prosper!  Depending on what you want to accomplish, it can be done.  Be bold and put yourself out there!  Put together your social strategy and boldly go where everyone is going!

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